i am an avid maker of lists and what some may consider a fangirl. feel free to peruse the wares, but just remember: if you break it, you buy it!

x i cannot promise a spoiler-free experience, although i do try! please tread lightly.

about this section

this page exists as a catalogue for anything "fandom-y" that i read or watch. for the most part, this means anime and manga, but it can also refer to anything with a fanbase, anything that i create fan content for, or anything independently created and published (eg. things that bear more resembalance to fan works than to classic works. think webcomics or webnovels. this definitely isn't a rigid definition). i don't usually read books that could be classified as "fandom-y" which is why none were listed prior to the danmeipocalypse circa 2024.

x i ship dynamics that i think are interesting. not everything listed here can be considered an otp. i generally list my favorite ships first, but the lists aren't necessarily in order 100% of the time. i have better things to be doing.
x i love going into things blind because i think it's more exciting that way, so i can't always vouch for content warnings in shows/books/games i just started. (when recommending me things, it's most effective to say "you'll like it" and nothing else. anything else is a spoiler that makes me increasingly less likely to actually finish)
x there is no rhyme or reason to how i find what to watch/read/play next. i often hop fandom to fandom based on what people who liked what i like also read/watch/play.
x i have shockingly low standards of entertainment, which is why i like watching cartoons where teenaged boys punch each other to a (pg-13) bloody pulp while preaching about the value of friendship. naruto
x i tend to value characters over plot. something can have the shittiest plot in the world and i wouldn't care at all if the characters were interesting and ticked enough of my boxes. naruto
likes and dislikes
  • irredemable villains who do horrible things for fun
  • complicated relationships
  • enemies to lovers
  • nonsensical power scaling
  • complicated characters
  • action action action!!
  • exciting fight scenes
  • good older siblings
  • psychological horror
  • books, comics, and manga
  • lots of other things!
dislikes i never dislike anything 100% of the time, and i don't find dislike sections to be very constructive TT_TT enjoy yourself ^_^

table of contents
(yes, it's warranted)

anime and manga


fresh off the griddle and piping hot! i am incapable of finishing anything ever. help.

currently reading black jack (may 27-)
chainsaw man (???-)
dengeki daisy (may 18-)
the girl from the other side (may 16-)
he was my brother (apr 18-)
joyful reunion (mar 3-)
fake slackers (feb 23-)
2ha (feb 14-)
jujutsu kaisen (jan 18-)
past dungeon meshi (mar 30-apr 15)
heaven official's blessing (mar 19-apr 10)
mdzs (feb 7-feb 14)
svsss (feb 2-feb 6)
currrently watching scumbag system (apr 3-)
mdzs donghua (feb 25-)
past csm (feb 25-apr 12)
currently playing identity v (may 7-)
legend of zelda: breath of the wild (on pause) (dec 25-)
hatoful boyfriend with earthy (jan 31-)
currently thinking about chainsaw man


a webcomic is a comic published online, often independently, though not exclusively!

homestuck you will not catch me dead without homestuck on this list. my first fandom and my favorite. i am listening to homestuck music as i write this.
  • vriska serket/terezi pyrope
  • rose lalonde/dave strider
  • vriska serket/aradia megido
  • gamzee makara/roxy lalonde
  • davespite/jade harley
  • gamzee makara/vriska serket
  • john egbert/dirk strider
  • aradia megido/sollux captor
  • john egbert/roxy lalonde
  • dirk strider/caliborn
  • john egbert/terezi pyrope
  • dirk strider/equius zahhak
  • rose lalonde
  • vriska serket
  • terezi pyrope
  • sollux captor
  • roxy lalonde
king in the sun though it is thus far unfinished, this has to be one of my favorite projects. the art is incredible and i love the characters. if i had a nickels for every short, red haired character named elliot i would have two nickels, which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice. im not technically up to date (haven't been for ~1/2 a year now) but i have fond memories of this and i'm so excited to see where the story goes when i come back to it.
long exposure masterpiece!! i read this as it was coming out. mars's art is so expressive and lovely, one of the best art styles i've seen in a free comic. i sincerely adore every character from the bottom of my heart. this story is so special to me.
  • jonas wagner/mitch mueller
  • mitch mueller
  • sidney wagner
  • jonas wagner

anime and manga

i'll make sure to specify what i've watched and what i've read. for more, check out my anilist. i need to bulk add a ton of manga at some point TT_TT

to be clear: i hate naruto with everything i have. the plot is contrived. the fights are impossible to get through. several characters are completely intolerable. naruto is the dictionary definition of recycled content. it's lazy! it's corny!!! . . . and yet . . . this stupid fucking show has a death grip on me. i'm only in it for the characters at this point and i'm not afraid to say it
  • sasori/deidara
  • senju hashirama/senju tobirama
  • hidan/haruno sakura/deidara
  • hatake kakashi/uchiha obito
  • momochi zabuza/haku
  • hyuuga neji/hyuuga hinata
  • gaara/uzumaki naruto
  • gaara/rock lee
  • nara shikamaru/temari
  • hyuuga neji/tenten
  • uchiha sasuke/haruno sakura1
  • uzumaki naruto/uchiha sasuke
  • deidara
  • senju tobirama
  • sasori
  • rock lee
  • senju tsunade
  • haruno sakura
  • hidan
  • temari
yu-gi-oh gx
an extremely silly and fast-paced show that rarely follows its own rules. i love my boys and their silly card games. extremely ridiculous, high frivolity, deeply beloved and fantastic choice of comfort show.
  • gx rivalshipping (manjoume jun/yuuki judai)
  • soulshipping (yuuki judai/yubel)
  • victoryshipping (marufuji ryou/edo phoenix)
  • idolshipping (marufuji ryou/tenjoin fubuki)
  • tenjoin fubuki/manjoume jun
  • marufuji ryou/marufuji shou
  • tenjoin fubuki/tenjoin asuka
  • yuuki judai
  • manjoume jun2
  • edo phoenix
  • marufuji ryou
  • yubel

jujutsu kaisen
i started jjk because earthy kept sending me cute fan art. when this was compounded with what was already in my tumblr feed (by merit of being a shounen fan), i decided to give it a try. i'll spare the long-form version, but i started with the anime. in the second season. somehow. i was in awe of the tell-not-show storytelling technique -- how rare for the beginning of a shounen anime! and the way that gege throws you into the deep end at the very beginning to teach you how to swim -- brilliant! well, i was disappointed when i realized that hidden inventory wasn't where jjk started, so i tried watching from the beginning. the exposition wasn't terrible, but it was formulaic. finally, i switched to the manga so that i could read through faster (and actually get caught up), and my expectations have been blown out of the water since. gege is a talented writer. (spoilers here!! hover to see them.) i'm especially thrilled about his choice to cast a female avenger who is portrayed as justified by the narrative. i don't get to see that very often, especially not in media aimed at young boys. i should be caught up with the manga in a day or so at this rate. i'll write more of my thoughts then.
  • gojo satoru/itadori yuji
  • gojo satoru/iori utahime
  • zen'in mai/zen'in maki
  • choso/itadori yuji
  • yoshino junpei/mahito
  • fushiguro megumi/kugisagi nobara
  • orimoto rika/okkotsu yuta
  • itadori yuji/ryoumen sukuna
  • zen'in maki
  • mahito
  • choso
  • gojo satoru
  • tsukumo yuki
  • kugisagi nobara
  • itadori yuji
  • ryoumen sukuna
  • kenjaku
  • nanami kento
  • higuruma hiromi
  • panda

mob psycho 100
great characters, immersive exposition, and surprisingly poignant for a shounen. mp100 has fantastic cinematography and 0 filler . . . i'm actually insane over this show. there is passion in every single frame, the music is incredible, and it has made me cry more times than a shounen has any right to. would recommend to anyone
  • reigen arataka/kageyama shigeo
  • asagiri minori/kageyama shigeo
  • emi/kageyama shigeo
  • asagiri minori/kurata tome
  • mogami keiji/asagiri minori
  • kageyama shigeo
  • kurata tome
  • asagiri minori
  • emi
  • reigen arataka
  • takane tsubomi
i marathoned this with one of my best friends and i think it'll haunt me forever. strangely sweet throughout everything. the premise: time traveller travels back to elementary school and tries to stop a horrible crime. the execution: a modern masterpiece. i love every character and episode dearly to the bottom of my heart. pro tip: watch the theme song every time ;)
  • fujinuma satoru/yashiro gaku
neon genesis evangelion
i was hooked on this for a solid 3 months before my interest left me. NGE has a cool premise, it's well done, and it has beautiful visuals. everything else that can be said about it has already been said by someone else, although i'd like to reiterate that NGE has one of the best theme songs of any anime ever.
  • nagisa kaworu/ikari shinji
  • asuka langley soryuu/ikari shinji
  • asuka langley soryuu 3
dungeon meshi
an instant favorite that i devoured whole. i love the complexities of the worldbuilding, the characters, and their interactions. this is one manga i'm not really in the fandom for because i got all i wanted out of canon.
  • kabru/mithrun
  • mithrun
  • izutsumi
  • thistle
  • falin touden
hunter x hunter
(2011 anime)
beyond delightful. i watched the whole thing in a depressive episode so i remember very little but this show is a huge comfort to me.
  • illumi zoldyk/killua zoldyk
  • neferpitou
  • gon freecs
  • killua zoldyk
  • canary
death note
everyone and their mother has watched death note. loved the show until that episode (you know the one) and after that my opinion went downhill, especially since misa got fucked over so bad
  • l/near
  • l/light
  • misa amane/rem
  • mello/near 4
  • l 5
  • near
  • misa amane
puella magi madoka magica
i havent watched any of the movies so my view of canon is skewed and i'm willing to acknowledge that. i'm not sure if i'll ever finish all the official PMMM content -- it's a cute show with terrific graphics, but i found the characters to be lacking.
  • akemi homura/kaname madoka
chainsaw man
chainsaw man was a lot of fun. it didn't stick with me, but the studio did a wonderful job with the visuals and i remained amused
  • denji/makima
  • power
  • makima

chainsaw man
i caught up with chainsaw man in ~2 days. absolutely enamored. i have . . . a lot of thoughts about this manga. i'll stick with calling it creative here and maybe save the rest of my opinions for somewhere else.
  • asa mitaka/yoru
  • quanxi and her fiends
  • power
  • denji
  • nayuta
  • asa mitaka
  • makima
  • yuko


i am not a huge gamer by any means!! i just get addicted to a game once in a blue moon, play it through to the end, and feel the need to add it here.

hades game fantastic game. highly engaging with a fantastic soundtrack and lovable characters. ive beaten this game up to heat 15 upwards of a hundred(?) times. havent played in a while though. i'm excited for hades 2!!
  • megaera
  • zagreus
  • dionysus
legend of zelda: breath of the wild still working on it! i find it so funny how my favorite part of botw so far is catching various bugs and finding treasure. girls will completely ignore the half finished main quest in order to prioritize gameplay that animal crossing delivers on.
hollow knight brutal little game. loved the world and the fights were fun, if not very hard for someone with less-than-perfect reflexes.
disco elysium slightly overhyped in my personal opinion. don't come for me. disco elysium is another game that i played ~1-2 years ago and it fucked me up severely. i remember that i did enjoy collecting trash, reading the prose, and shipping kim/harry, a fixation that took me by storm. they're still my most read ship on ao3, so they deserve an honorable mention for getting me through some shit.
fire emblem: three houses i enjoyed my blue lions playthrough. although it can be slow at times, this game was a lot of fun strategically and i was charmed by the characters.
  • dimitri alexandre blaiddyd/felix hugo fraldarius
  • annette rantine dominic/mercedes von martritz
  • annette rantine dominic
  • mercedes von martritz


we read danmei (chinese yaoi) here.

grandmaster of demonic cultivation deeply in love with this franchise. i love you, wei wuxian. i can't believe i missed out on cultivation novels for so long, they're the shit. i'm genuinely insane about the extended universe and the characters.
  • wei wuxian/lan wangji 6
  • nie huaisang/nie mingjue
  • jin ling/jin guangyao
  • wei wuxian
  • a-qing
  • nie huaisang
  • lan wangji
scum villain's self saving system have you ever read a parody of a genre you're not familiar with on a whim, gotten invested, and had your eyes opened to a whole new world? yeah. yeah. i'm shaken.
  • luo binghe/shen qingqiu 7
  • shen qingqiu/shang qinghua
  • mobei-jun/shang qinghua
  • su xiyan/tianlang-jun
  • zhuzhi-lang/tianlang-jun
  • shen jiu/shen yuan
  • luo binghe 8
  • shen qingqiu 9
  • shang qinghua 10
  • tianlang-jun 11
heaven official's blessing i liked tgcf! however, it felt like a very promising first draft more than anything.
husky and his white cat shizun i have mixed feelings about this one that i might release to the world when seven seas entertainment releases the last of the official english translation. very much a love/hate relationship with this series.


i don't have enough in this category to justify having separate categories for what are mostly tv shows. i don't want to establish myself as a tv show watcher . . . that would be horrendous . . .

i liked the first season. it got sort of stale and melodramatic after that. rest in peace, heroes (2006). nobody did it like you.
(musical and movie)
we are cooking with fire. the cult classic movie from the 80s turned musical. i used to be dangerously into heathers, now i'm just into it a normal amount.
  • veronica sawyer/jason dean
you know i will never be finishing this show, but i would like to thank supernatural for its impact on modern fandom. right up there with star trek. no idea what those brothers had going on but i respect it.
doctor who
sooo so good until the writing goes to shit. i remember watching doctor who with my family (said no one ever), and as such, it holds a special place in my heart. i don't have a favorite doctor, but i did love david tennant. my favorite companion is donna. she is a force of fucking nature and i respect the hell out of her for it. #donna for president 2024.
ted lasso
ted lasso is a lot of fun. loved the characters, loved the plot, loved the fanfiction. quality little show that i would absolutely be down to watch again.
  • jamie tartt/roy kent


1 not the way they're shipped in canon. i am so misunderstood
2 jun-chan
3 can we all agree that shes a vriska splinter? yeah? good.
4 i blame this user for this.
5 i did it first and i did it better
6 no shit
7 all versions/no shit x2 combob
8 both versions/he did nothing wrong
9 again, both versions, he did nothing wrong
10 i want to pick him up and throw him. he did everything wrong and i love him
11 malewife! malewife! malewife!