hello weary traveler! you've reached lizonline, my home on the web for all sorts of musing and silliness. before proceeding, please understand that my site may contain the following:

coarse language
confusing opinions
half-baked ideas
overwhelming goofiness
love for the mundane
unmarked sarcasm
stylistic lowercase
cute anime boys of dubious morality

if something looks weird, use control+shift+r to clear your cache. if it continues to look weird, notify me on my neocities profile or in my cbox. my site is friendly for mobile users, but i code on a fairly small screen, meaning that i can't vouch for the quality of my website on large devices. general rule of thumb is:

there will not be adult content hosted on lizonline, and all strobing gifs are warned for. with all that out of the way, would you like to proceed?