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hey there! i'm liz and this is my corner of the netscape. i built it from the ground up with some help from w3schools, stack overflow, and the mozilla documentation. you can find more specific credits in the credits tab on your leftup top!!

i am a terminal hobbyist, lover of music, shipper, blogger, and grass toucher. my natural habitats include snowy mountain peaks, fields glazed with light rain, the stamped end pages of a book, backlit trees under a cloudy sky, the archive of our own servers, and on tumblr dot com.

This site is a love letter to everything. I am a stone-cold optimist with enough love to go around.

oftentimes you will find me:

  • hiking
  • writing
  • partaking in artistic endeavors
  • making ridiculous websites
  • fucking around with html
  • shipping
  • roleplaying
  • having strangely vivid prophetic dreams
  • learning various languages

my besties are earthy and my sister. neither of them have personal websites, otherwise i'd plaster their links all over the place. it would be a veritable minefield of friend links here. i would be a holy terror about it.


06.11.24 new
  • i'm pleased to announce that my sona page is up after lots of hard work!!

  • napkin art is up!!

  • minor changes to the guestbook archive. mostly optimization for mobile

  • migrated my guestbook service and created an archive of my old guestbook. access it through the sitemap

  • wrote a wishy-washy new journal entry titled "collecting"
  • thank you to everyone who liked my update yesterday or welcomed me back! i still love it here

  • i'm back(?) after 2 months of dubious rest
  • edited fandom page
  • edited tools
  • working on adding alt text

  • fixed some truly egregious typos under music
  • added my birthday under about
  • created the site map and added it to my nav bar

  • added new tools to tools! slowly but surely
  • sasodei shrine is up. finally styled it more or less to my liking ^_^
  • did some housekeeping in fandom

  • check out the new tools page! it's small for now, but i'm working to add various things that interest me.

  • fixed a typo on the music page
  • added the music page to the nav bar (i think i finished that page on the 15th? 14th or thereabouts)
  • added a bunch of links in the /links section
  • i got access to my organization's adobe suite and i've been having a field day with dreamweaver. everything is so easy . . . i also downloaded github for desktop. my workflow is so smooth. you can keep a live update of your code and a preview server on multiple browsers. i am in love.

  • got that last.fm widget i wanted to make figured out. it . . . really wasn't that hard TT_TT

  • finished up the permawips tab and linked it under the art category

  • made it so that that the manjoume toggle wouldn't show on mobile (where manjoume is hidden)
  • applied to yet another webring TToTT (yume webring!! i'm excited for this one ^_^)
  • added some new sites to the linked sites
  • added a ton of credits to the credits section

  • added a portal to my writings. excuse the abysmal quality, i think i'm very funny

  • joined the shoujosei webring ~ visit it on my index page
  • changed link styling
  • cleaned up yesterday's edits a bit

  • new napkin art up ^_^
  • added the journal webring widget to the index so that people don't have to click into lizonline to continue going around the ring
  • new journal entry up (originally posted in /now)
  • css updates to /now
  • added a danmei section and an ungodly number of footnotes to fandom

  • created and begun to populate sasodei. wip. ive been in transit which is why updates are sporadic and incomplete

  • added a shit ton of web cliques

  • quiz results section in about section. i have more but i'll format it later . . .

  • added a really cool q&a box to the about tab
  • fucking around with js plugins over in napkin art. i'll add some more art some time soon =_= i just want a lightbox to work . . . and to look good . . . apparently too much to ask for!
  • added a now page. i really really really need to style it. i hate the way it looks at the moment TT_TT

  • added the latest drawings to napkin art. check them out!
  • changed the font on the napkin art page

  • the titular husband(s page) is back from war. please feel free to feast your eyes on my questionable taste
  • noticed the web doll was fucking with the mobile navbar. fixed it
  • added hall of shame section to the narbar
  • added a ships section to the manjoume shrine
  • created a button which toggles the manjoume doll for easier reading
  • i have decided that i hate ruby text
  • added an email to the about page

  • manjoume has been replaced, however, it is a strong possibility that he will make a return
  • added a girl to the navbar ^_^

  • sacrified my firstborn (navigation tab) to the gods (jquery). it'll take a little longer to load the navigation bar with this set-up but i'll be able to make universal changes and generally save myself a shit-ton of trouble

  • edited the appearance of the sozai. i'm really disliking my designs and considering taking them down

  • added a "back" button to the manjoume page
  • fandom nonsense. decided that my webpage isn't the place to review svsss
  • i am on the wikipedia article for tessellations for my sozai. added some designs. not very happy with the page right now but we'll get there!!

  • fixed some spelling errors in the fandom section. thanks, earthy. i am so embarrassed (managed to spell "yuji" as "yugi" because i am ygo trash)

  • added "about this page" and "likes and dislikes" to the fandom section for a very broad and general picture of the things i seek out in fiction

  • sozai. let me know if you use my materials and i'll link you on the page ^_^
  • gave each section its own page. this may be annoying to update, so i'm still searching for good solutions
  • added jjk to the fandoms page

  • organized my pages a bit
  • created and populated the behemoths tab
  • i wrote a journal entry yesterday that a lot of you seemed to enjoy. i might give that page a stylesheet and link it from the main page
  • added site blurbs in "links" section
  • added some socials to my "about me" page
  • created a blog page. unfortunately, it might be my best work yet *sobs*

  • created the napkin art page ^_^ it's a collection of drawings i've done on napkins (and paper)
  • added a link to the manjoume shrine with the understanding that it's a work in progress

  • joined the journaling webring and added the widget to my page!!
  • i've been working hard on my manjoume shrine. it's actually insane how much i have to say about him
  • added a ton of items to my to-do list! i'm excited to get to work!!

  • css spring cleaning. cleaned up everything that wasn't in use, the website might load a few thousandths of a second faster. let me know if i accidentally killed anything essential or if anything looks horrendously off, i did some ctrl+h and i already caught some errors
  • edited the bullet lists. they should look a lot better now (they're not inline with the text anymore!! hark!!)
  • messed around with the self-insert webring widget. it still looks iffy, but not as iffy as it did before. progress! i'll finish tweaking it at some point . . . i might even put it somewhere else. who knows? certainly not me
  • added manjoume to pc and tablet screens. hover over him for a surprise ^_^

  • added an "about me" tab. it's still in beta! i haven't tested it across all devices and browsers

  • buttons and buttons and buttons!
  • added "current" section to my fandom list
  • new blurbs in the fandom section
  • this is a microblog now
  • this is the first time i've messed up (to the best of my knowledge), but there was a terrifying moment where i had multiple neocities tabs open, and i managed to overwrite my progress by adding onto an old version and saving. luckily i had 198273 other homepage editors open, but it was still a bit jarring!! ahh!! maybe this is why we don't make changes into the neocities editor . . . *resolves to change absolutely nothing about my habits going forward despite having a nice brackets file open as well.*
  • coders hate her!

  • always adding new buttons. big things are in the works, but i'm editing in brackets for once to keep things neat, so expect a few big updates instead of a bunch of small ones in the next few days . . . (she says while typing into the neocities editor TToTT)

  • linked my neocities profile in the sidebar. might figure out a better way to style it at some point
  • new buttons! i'm so so so so SO crazy for all these sites. you can never have too many buttons c:
  • changed index.html to a gateway
  • applied to the journal webring! let's see what comes out of it, shall we?

  • husbands tab exists now. working on migrating my boys over there
  • it still exists, i just hid it for my own sanity
  • added some things to the fandom tab, edited some other things in the fandom tab. this is my website and i get to choose the commentary

  • i'm at 8888 views now. vriska would be proud
  • added some buttons and webrings
  • edited vrisrezi shrine a bit. might change the background again. i keep messing with the design -- mspaint gets me ^_^
  • feeling more at home here!! i've made some friends and i have some ideas for what to do next

  • at 7777 views. four of my favorite number? yay!!!
  • added a cute button
  • removed the border element from the 404 page

  • added a ton of buttons
  • moved the buttons to their own tab ("links")
  • adjusted media display sizing in "hoarding"
  • replied to fresh guestbook comments
  • spiced up my flavor text
  • more fancy conditional formatting
  • brought the chat back!
  • got rid of the visitor counter since firefox wasn't letting it show up
  • made the default layout more spacious and likely left in a ton of stray lines of code lying around in the process.
  • added more "new" gifs and pngs via fool lovers
  • moved the sidebar to the right

  • cleaned up code further
  • renamed "media" to "fandom"
  • took out the books section
  • major ui changes (moved the tabs to the left on pc and tablets. things should look the same on mobile)

  • created a long overdue "credits" section
  • minor code clean-up
  • renamed "about liz" section to "home"

  • removed the page title to improve visuals on short screens
  • removed the overlay. this webpage is red and it's about time it looked like it
  • renamed "blinkiez" section to "hoarding"
  • added a button in "hoarding"
  • changed header font
  • changed appearance of links
  • removed ::before and ::after pseudoclasses from the tabs
  • major formatting adjustments, switching to flexboxes
  • major improvements to the "media" tab mobile layout

to do

  • shrines (WIP)
    • all the other ones, plus maybe a rodney shrine . . .
  • link repo and tutorial page (WIP)
  • fix the self-insert webring embed(s) (WIP)
  • sona page (WIP)
  • optimize all pages for mobile, especially the husbands page
  • add alt text. everywhere
  • wives page (milsirilmilsirilmilsiril)
  • add more album, song, and artist write-ups to the music section
  • make repeating wallpaper out of my napkin art
  • make a yu-gi-oh shrines section
    • finish the manjoume shrine (WIP)
      • make navigation a lot easier (start by anchoring headers, maybe make a filtering system and hide some things under the details class)
      • fill the placeholders
    • credits section for the manjoume shrine (sprite (favicon), background and lace, lace plate and font), tiny toast notifications, slideshows from w3schools
    • gx rivalshipping section
    • gx manifesto
    • yu-gi-oh gx terms wiki
  • make "about me" tab look better

  • art section
  • music section
  • landing page for my writings
  • make a button
  • figure out how to set the local tab to "active" within each page [i dont want to anymore]
  • figure out why the cute cat picture isn't attaching to the 404 page [it is. no idea why it wasn't before TToTT]
  • make the window bigger on pc (remove page attribute?)
  • make "fandom" friendly for literally any mobile browser that isn't duckduckgo
  • credits page
  • find a place to add the chat
  • links page
  • "about me" section
  • napkin art section
  • the tabs are annoying since you can't link to them. replace with html pages
  • journal
  • sozai for my materials!
  • husbands page

possible ideas
  • friends shrine
  • ocs page
  • change history page? to-do list page?
  • merch/items page. stickers page?


"liz, do you really need an entire husbands section? the fandom section is right over there and you already listed your favori --"

dear reader, this is different. this is so, so, so different -- this is night and day. this is summer and fucking winter. these categories are on different continents! they cater to different demographics! *clearing my throat*. so, anyway, if you want to see me swoon over fictional characters, you've come to the right place. this is a dangerously revealing area of my website, so don't get on my ass too hard about it. i'll probably take this section in and out a lot, so enjoy it while it lasts

x non-canon art is linked back to its artist and hosted on-site.

q. is this a selfshipping thing? a. sort of but not really. i wouldn't want to date these guys if they were real, and the only one i am dating in my mind is my dearly beloved manjoume.
q. what's with the tags? a. they're just cute little badges to give a quick rundown on how i feel about the boys.
q. what's a whumpee? a. see: whump. marge simpson potato meme i just think it's neat.
q. are you really attracted to x? a. if it says i am: yes. otherwise: no.
manjoume jun from yugioh gx manjoume jun (yu-gi-oh gx)

what an absolute loser!! my jun-chan is the worst rival ever and it never fails to amuse me. he is a pointy bisexual mess. he devotes his entire life to card games. he is tarnished and stained. he never washes his coat and he wears black so that it won't show. this allegedly makes him smell "sour", which is fucking horrific. it is my god-given right to be patentedly abnormal about him, he is a study in everything pathetic and alluring. i had a dream where i hugged this crabby freak and i would give anything to get it back even though he is the worst hugger known to man and it's like hugging a right angle.

"I've faced setbacks that have saddled me with a massive inferiority complex, unmatched by anyone's!

"You could never comprehend the sheer scale of the inferiority complex held by someone three levels below the bottom of the barrel!"

lawful neutral
card games
cuteness level
card game skill
pointy king
my princess
nobody has ever done it worse
#1 husband award
deidara from naruto deidara (naruto)

deidara is one of my most beloved husbands. he carries this harem alongside manjoume. his annoying wiles and artistic . . . idiocy . . . have captured my heart, body, and soul. my boy has the most gorgeous hair and he is smug to the point where i would want to deck him if i knew him on person. luckily, he is spared this unfortunate fate by merit of being a cartoon. my favorite things about him are his hidden intellegence and his not-so-hidden impulsivity. i do it better, but he does it pretty damn well.

Art . . . is a explosion!

crazy ex
chaotic neutral
cuteness level
art skill
literally me
artist be damned my boy can work a bomb
top 3 husbands
i want to poison him
getting in on that sasori grindset
kageyama shigeo from mob psycho 100 kageyama shigeo (mob psycho 100)

mob's not my husband so much as my son, but he still needs a shout-out here because i would do literally anything for him. he is actually everything to me. mob, if you ever need someone to take a bullet for you for whatever reason, i volunteer. thanks for everything, shigeo, you're the best shounen protagonist to ever exist.

"I don't want to see anyone else hurting people, or anyone else getting hurt."

neutral good
body improvement
cuteness level

son: 100%
fan art induced trance
most huggable award
mahito from jjk mahito (jujutsu kaisen) new

mahito has just recently joined the ranks, however, i can already tell that he's a keeper. he has deidara's vibes (pretty, chaotic man who mainly wants to have fun) AND a shitty sense of style. i love his hair, did you notice that i like men with pretty hair? well if you didn't, now you do!! i want to braid it if it's the last thing i do (LOOK AT HIS HAIR).

"You shouldn't be a slave to 'indifference'. There's no need for consistency in your attitude towards life. If you hate them, kill them, just as you eat when you're hungry.

"I'll validate everything about you, Junpei."

chaotic evil
exterminating humans
cuteness level
kill efficacy

mahito circulation
cute when he's cute
horrifying when he's not